Values & Vision

Our Core Values

– Act with Humility, Lead with Transparency, and Deliver with Focus – are an essential part of our Lean culture transformation, reflecting how we aim to act to drive our progress.

Imagining the alloys of the future

Metals and alloys of the future, collaborative research, innovative processes: MML innovates to reinvent the metallurgical industry. Because they are precious, we work daily for a more sober, more intelligent and more sustainable use of materials. We develop value-creating solutions to respond to new uses of metals, to the multiplication of production challenges, as well as to the permanent evolution of regulations.

Formulation of materials

By capitalizing on technological and market intelligence, we draw on our scientific, metallurgical, mechanical and thermal skills to innovate in new materials with high added value.

Process development

As part of an integrated approach to our production systems, we design our manufacturing processes ourselves, customization of industrial paths, the answer to the right need, and the optimization of TCO of our customers.

We visualize MML as

  • Contributing humbly in making of a developed nation by technological advancements.
  • Promoting Eco-friendliness by waste recovery, recyclability, material savings and traceability.
  • Considered to be the most preferred organization to work with by all our business associates including the team members.
  • Facilitating all the team members to enjoy the higher standards of living for a happier & healthier life.
  • Creating a work environment that fosters passion, creativity and optimism with fun, respect and pride for all individuals.
  • Being exceptionally customer centric, delighting all our customers by all means and action.