Sustainability Policy


At MML, we are committed to integrating environmental, social and ethical principles into our business vision of creating elevating experience for the people we touch and significantly impacting the world we work in.

We shall ensure that:

  • We positively impact our stakeholders through our products and services without causing harm to health, enhancing and continuously improving safety throughout product lifecycles.
  • Sustainability is given due reflection in all business decisions. This includes societal, environmental and good governance practices.
  • Clean safe and healthy work conditions are provided for all people working in or behalf of the company.
  • Clean and green technologies are introduced and implemented in our operations, as well as promoting “reduce and recycle” practices at all levels.
  • We work with the communities in the locations we operate and contribute to making a difference in the quality of their life.

While doing so we will ensure highest levels of transparency in all our engagements with the stakeholders.

MML will also consistently track, monitor and report in line with national reporting system.

Sustainable development

Initiatives for SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) UN Agenda 2030

Related targets

Social challenges

MML’s approaches

■ Reducing CO2 at customers' sites
■ Reducing CO2 during production processes

■ Reducing energy consumption
■ Monitoring CO2 emission
■ Selling used machines
■ Recycling coolants

■ Preventing WMD (Weapons of Mass Destruction) production

■ Securing civil use by strict export control


■ Promoting women empowerment
■ Employing locals
■ Preventing long working hours, enhancing productivity

■ Better working environment for women
■ Diversity in the employees
■ Enhancing productivity with balanced lifestyle


■ Access to sophisticated technology education
■ Promoting innovation and efficient usage of resources

■ Support for educational institutions
■ Research and development with academic organizations